Saturday, June 29, 2013

Playing Catch up

Sorry to leave you all hanging on new posts. As with everything I do lately I have a small issue that is leading to big problems. I already lost the usb  cord to my camera. And well what fun is a craft post with no pictures. So I'll put some random googled pictures here for you. Just cuz I'm nice like that. I am hoping that one of my boys accidentally brought it back to college with them. And will be getting it back soon.

Orangutan hanging from a tree in the jungle
For now I'll let you know a few things to be expecting. I have been working on a few different projects. My main project was painting an old bookshelf that I have had for years. With updating my living room the color of it did not work anymore, so I painted it white and added some details.
Office supplies; library book ends
While working on the shelf I also painted a large mirror for my living room. It has been hanging on one of my walls as long as I can remember. In all the various places I have lived it always had a home. I much preferred it over a fireplace mantel, but in my current apartment I am fireplace free, so a wall has to do.
View details

I also brought out my sewing machine for the first time in awhile. I made a cute little cover for it, and a bag for me. I like my bag, but I made the handles way to short, so that's something I will also work on.
I have not forgot about my beloved silhouette. I whipped up a few lat minute father day decorations and I am currently working on fourth of July stuff.
Sewing supplies

In the exciting news front I won a craft blog contest that came with tons, and I do mean tons of crafting embellishments. So I made a few adjustments to my craft room to make room for them all. If you are a crafter then you know how hard storage is, I made lots and lots of drawers to hold all my new stuff.