Friday, May 24, 2013

Pretty Flowery Stuff and a heart felt memory

For most people they say TGIF today, not me. I have been off work for a few extra days vacation time. But today it's back to the grind. Instead of taking a week at a time vacation I decided this year I will just take a few days at a time when I need a break. I am well rested up though, and even managed to get a little crafting done.

Today's post is all about catch up. I got so busy making stuff I forgot to show you the things that I am working on.

Just when you thought it was over, here is one more Mother's Day card I thought was really pretty. When I was told she wanted black and white I was a bit nervous, but I think it looks great and is worth a picture.

Very pretty if I do say so myself.

The online Silhouette store had a huge sale of 50% off shapes so I had to get a few new ones. Lori Whitlock  makes some really nice files and usually has nice tutorials on her blog  about how to put them together. Here are a few new shapes that I got and gave to a friend who loves green.

I have also been practicing working with vinyl. I am to cheap, conservative to make stuff that isn't useful, and I couldn't have a ton of decals on my own car, so I offered a few peeps a free car decal of anything the wanted so I could make things for them and not feel guilty if it wasn't perfect. Here are a few of them.

This is just the mock up, i forgot to take a photo of the made decal, go figure. But trust me it's all cute and pink.

Minnie is for my car. 

For a Tennessee Titans fan

 For my Packers loving friend. 

The last one deserves some further explanation. As a gift for his Mom on Mother's day I was asked if I could make a large memorial window decal with his grandfathers info on it.  Such a sweet gesture of a caring son. This was my biggest vinyl project to date. It took some extra vinyl and trips to the store to get it just right, but I am happy it turned out so well. 

 And here it is on his Moms car after he sneaked the car away for a bit and surprised her.

I am ready to put my vinyl skills to the ultimate test and put some wall art on my newly painted walls. Now for the hard part of deciding what to put on them!

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  1. I love playing catch up. :) Lovin' those flowers you made! I really should pull out my silhouette. I hardly ever use it. :(


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