Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Better Late then Never?

I was off work for the last few days and got some major cards designed. Mothers Day is coming up soon so I wanted to get started. My designs are done, I just need to put them together. I also decided to finally paint my living room. Boy did it need it. I'll take some pictures as soon as I get everything put back to where it belongs.   Be sure to subscribe by email, Blog Lovin' or Facebook to see the updates. In the meantime I used my resting between coats to make some home decor.

Better late then never, or so they say. I am not to sure of that. If you know me at all you know that I am ALWAYS late. I do not do it on purpose, and it really stresses me, (and my bosses at work) out. No matter what kind of planning I do it seems something always comes up that makes me 3-5 minutes late for everything. Not just work, but EVERYTHING. Believe me I have tried to make myself better. Setting the clocks ahead,  getting ready ahead of time, alarms, calendars, nothing has worked. This may not help with the clock situation, but at least I will know what day it is.
I am just a little late in the game, (surprise) but I made an adorable super easy calendar this week. I cut with my cameo of course. Maybe someday I will get over the fascination with this machine and show you some non Silhouette stuff. Don't count on it anytime soon, I haven't even scratched the surface !

Pay no attention to the date there, I sure didn't before I took the pictures. 

To change the date I just need to turn the little blocks for the month and date.

I used the 3d box calendar by Lori Whitlock for the cut files and added my own colors to match my family room.
For my sanity as well as all the people I affect lets hope my tardiness improves. Sad when I think I deserve a brownie button for getting somewhere when I am supposed to.

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  1. I love these, and what a fabulous gift idea! I am pinning this right now. :)


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