Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Men are Tough

Have you ever noticed how difficult men can be? Not they themselves, but rather making stuff and buying stuff for them. I have four boys of my own, and I have ALWAYS had a hard time buying for them. Take Christmas stockings. Do you know how few items there are for men that can fit in a stocking? Easter baskets, ya ain't happening there either. Girls on the other hand are easy. Makeup, earrings or any jewelry for that matter. We have all sorts of little things that can fit into the smallest spaces. Anything for the male species that is small enough to fit is expensive stuff.

And if I thought buying stuff for men was hard, making stuff for them has turned out to be even harder. Once again, us females are easy. Slap a flower on it, add a few swirls and pretty colors and we are happy. Boys, what do we have to deal with? Tools, video games, and plaid or blue paper?  Whats fun about those?
I have asked my boys a thousand times, "What can I make for you?" I always get the same response, nothing! Nothing! Come on I want to craft and will come up with just about any excuse to do it. My friends have got to be sick of me talking about crafting, getting homemade stuff, and me asking them "what can I make for you?" Thankfully, us girls always something we need or want.
So whats a girly girl to make for a guys birthday? Well, I made a card recently for a young man I work with. Being from separate generations, and knowing him for only a short time it was a hard decision  In the end I came up with music as my theme.

A little closer
The cuteness of this card is the inside.  I made a pop up out of a piano. I know right. 
The side views are much easier to see. 

 I trimmed it with a little music paper to add some details.

For such a hard subject of men it turned out nice I think. Please leave me a comment below of what you think? 

Next posting already in progress. A vinyl canvas project. Awesomeness!

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  1. Great card! Love the piano pop up inside! Great card for anyone!

  2. Wow, this card is so great. My mom would love it! So fabulous, I am pinning this right now. Thanks so much for linking up at Crafty Tuesday!


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